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15 May 2006



I sure hope not! I think it is a question of genre... presidential addresses are not the type of speech you use a powerpoint with... Take, for instance, the classic powerpoint example of the gettysburg address: http://www.norvig.com/Gettysburg/ versus this audio file of Jeff Daniels reading it http://www.americanrhetoric.com/mp3clips/politicalspeeches/gettysburgaddressjeffdaniels.mp3


I have seen the Abe Lincoln example you posted...and it's an example of a BAD ppt. It just struck me as I was watching the address last night, Bush said something like "There are 5 reasons...blah blah blah."...What were those 5 reasons? I have no idea...if there were some sort of (well done) visual aid associated with the statement, I might be able to remember what he said...


That's why the white house posts everything on their website!



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